Is Mosaic the right tool for me?

Oxford Mosaic is one of several web-based tools offered by the University. For a majority of web-focused needs, Mosaic is the appropriate tool, however there are some circumstances where this might not by the case. For example, if:

  • your focus is providing online teaching resources, then Canvas, the University's virtual learning environment, will be a more appropriate tool. More information about Canvas is provided by the Centre for Teaching and Learning
  • you want an intranet for your unit, your site will have a large amount of content restricted to Oxford-only access, or you need to collaborate with colleagues within the University, then SharePoint Online is the tool for you
  • you want to restrict access to private content on a site, then SharePoint Online is the tool for you. You can add external users to a SharePoint Online site. The ‘Enable External Sharing for a SharePoint Site’ service request is available via the Oxford Self Service Portal