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Who can have a Mosaic website?

Oxford Mosaic provides websites for a range of University units and activities, including:

  • departments
  • colleges
  • research projects
  • academics
  • graduate research students
  • administrative/service units
  • multi-departmental teams
  • GLAM units
  • registered student clubs and societies
  • other University institutions
  • multi-institution partnerships can also have sites, so long as the sites are owned by an eligible University member

What to know before requesting

  • Mosaic websites can only be requested by members of the University
  • the person who requests the site will be registered as the Site Owner
    (see the SLA for the Site Owner's responsibilities)
  • most site requests need the named approver to be one of the following people (or closest equivalent role) in your unit:
    • Head of main Department
    • Faculty Board Chair
    • Head of House
    • Departmental Administrator
    • Head of Administration and Finance
    • College Finance Bursar

    (see the Service FAQs for more information about website approval)

  • we assume that approval has been sought from the named approver before the request is submitted; when you submit the form, a copy of it will be sent to your named approver
  • consider the purpose of your site: if it's primarily to be a learning tool, or targeted to audiences internal to the University, you may find alternative platforms such as Canvas or SharePoint Online more appropriate to your needs
    (see the IT Services Service Catalogue  for information about these services)
  • review your plans against our article about Future-proofing your Mosaic site
  • the Mosaic Service does not support custom CSS or Java Script on sites except in limited circumstances. For further details, refer to the FAQs about CSS and using an external agency

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